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AmothersWish started this conversation
I'm the mother of 4 beautiful children. The past few years have been so rough. We have lost our house,spent 11months in a family shelter. I'm praying I can find help before Christmas. Finally we are in our own place but things are so rough getting where we were before. When we were the ones helping others. Now I'm the one needing help and I can see just how hard it is. So many people are out there scamming people,it makes it wicked hard for REAL families like mine to get help. I will continue to pray for help and hope he sends a Christmas Angel to my children this Chistmas. I hope kids everywhere have a great Christmas.
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SnowGirl   in reply to SnowGirl
4 Luv My Kids 6: I Just sent you a private message.
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4 Luv My Kids 6   in reply to SnowGirl
Same to you
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SnowGirl   in reply to 4 Luv My Kids 6
You are amazing! ☺ God Bless you too!!!
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4 Luv My Kids 6   in reply to SnowGirl
Thank you snow girl! I do the exact same thing. I was logging in to tell "a mothers wish" I was choosing her, but apparently you beat me to it:) May god bless you both! Take good care
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I would like to help your kiddos. I have twin boys who love Jake and the Neverland Pirates :) I come on this webpage every year to find a family to help. I always pick one family, although I would love to help everyone. I simply can't though. How do I get in touch with you outside of this forum?
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